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Alumni Reunion Weekend 2019: Survey Results

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We were thrilled to have so many guests attend Alumni Reunion Weekend 2019! For the second straight year, more than 600 total guests enjoyed dozens of activities and events on campus, including an impressive slate of faculty lectures, a Greek reception, the Bearcat Happy Hour, special gatherings at Willamette Law and the Atkinson School, nine class reunion dinners, the All-Class Social, the Alumni Awards Dinner, a Summer Concert on the Quad and the Saturday night dance and casino party under the big tent.

The week after the event, we sent a survey to attendees. See below for their responses.

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Nearly 20 percent of all attendees responded to the post-event survey and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the results:

Survey Results

  • Overall, attendees rated the weekend a 3.53 out of a possible 4 (up from last year's 3.42 rating).
  • 71% of respondents were returning attendees, while 29% of respondents were first-time attendees.
  • 77% of respondents said they plan to attend their next reunion.
  • 73% of respondents said they are inspired to attend future events because of their experience.
  • Favorite parts of the weekend included the Alumni Awards program, presentations and lectures, events at the Law School, class reunion dinners and the All-Class Social.
  • The cleanliness of campus and campus accommodations received particularly high marks.

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Along with those results, here are some of the comments we received about the weekend:

Attendee Comments

"Just come! If you haven’t come before, you will be happily surprised at how easily you reconnect with classmates you haven’t seen in years, and maybe didn’t know that well when you were there. It is just a wonderful event ... every time!"

"We had a wonderful time. The events were beautifully organized and presented. The food and beverages were outstanding. As one of the alums of the class of '69, I felt very welcome and comfortable coming back to the university that made the life I have been able to lead possible."

"I felt Willamette did an excellent job with programs, events, food and welcoming details for the weekend. Classy stuff, all with great quality and attention to details."

"The happy hours and socials were the highlight of the weekend. They facilitated conversation amongst classes and it felt like a more natural vibe."

"Getting in touch with classmates again at the various Bearcat socials and class dinner really helped turn around my perception of the school."

"My husband and I attended Dr. Willingham's lecture (and were able to purchase his new book) and the walking tour of the architecture on campus. The trip to Willamette was worth it for the excellent experience we had at the tour and lecture. More events like this would be wonderful for the Half Century Club and others who perhaps don't attend events as often as could. It is a meaningful way to stay connected to the university."

"I could only attend Thursday night's cocktail party at Madge and Keith Bauer's (terrific) and Friday events as I had other commitments over the weekend. But I loved my brief time there. The Big Bang lecture, campus tour, and art museum tour were excellent."

"The Alumni Award Dinner was very inspirational. I was pleasantly surprised by the food and the company."

"It was well worth it! Make sure you go with at least one person you know well but I had some of the most fun catching up with random people I hadn't seen since graduation."

"I most enjoyed and appreciated the presentations. Willamette people are doing wonderful things, and I love hearing from these engaged and engaging people!"

"Keep the customer service great. We felt right at home even though it wasn't one of our class 'special celebrations'."

"Not a scheduled part of the weekend, but I stole away from the festivities for a moment to spend a minute underneath the Star Trees and just take it all in. What a great weekend, and I was happy to have a quick moment so just soak it all up!"

"The Thursday informal dinner at Madge Bauer's home was critical for me to re-integrate after 50 years of totally no peer contact."

"Every event/dinner we attended was memorable."

"Had a wonderful time! Couldn’t have been better."

"[My favorite part of the weekend was] seeing Drs Leeson and Beaton and hearing about what my fellow PURG graduates have accomplished with their WU education and worldview. Truly, we went out and lived the WU motto."

"Overall, a lovely weekend to catch up with friends, some of whom I've not seen for 30 years. I enjoyed the lecture options. The weekend exceeded my expectations."